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We had a good luck to be born and to live in the inconceivable days of technological expansion and advancement of science. We know an approximate growth speed of both, but we have no slightest idea of what it will be by the end of our lives. Things that have been considered a science fiction for a long time become component of our lives day by day. Idea and real prospect of the practical interference in Human’s nature caused a great number of arguments and discussions. The most systemic critical reason against transhumanism consists in the dehumanisation conception – Human’s gradual loss of his specific, sexual, social and spiritual self-determination already before the practical interference in his own body nature, during reflection on the very possibility of this. Another widely known reason against transhumanism is connected with its definition as “the most dangerous idea in the world” on the grounds that transhumanism is an attempt to begin an endless race of self-improvement with an unachievable prize (because of constant competition with other individuals) and unpredictable side effects. Effects that can change us and the time we will live in. So we should put a logical question: are we ready to enjoy the forbidden fruit again?